New Vinyl Record & Book is Here

That's right! You can now take me (Adam) and Vern home with you. Okay not like that, but you can buy our new book that comes on the inside of the vinyl record gatefold! Not into vinyl? That's fine. We also have stand-a-books available as well as music on CD, streaming, downloads & we will even come to your house and rap the stories!

Have the book, but missing the music? Simply CLICK HERE and start streaming!


The Corner is Vern Fields, Charlie Padgett, and me (Adam). Vern & I combined have over 30 years of experience working with kids and rapping for audiences across the USA. Charlie’s artwork has appeared in children’s books, apps, online games, ads, science journals, album covers & drums!


Together as the Corner we create storytelling for today. We move kids out of their seats and into worlds painted by thoughtful literature and the rhythm of the beat. Whether the story is about a missing sock, choosing a book, or feeling left out we  deliver on storytelling like a modern day Shel Silverstein with a modern twist. We do not simply tell stories, WE RAP THEM! 

We definitely love what we do and would love the opportunity to come and do storytelling for your family, school, or any other group willing to have some fun with Hip-hop storytelling. Thanks for listening. Peace!

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